Kastellorizo Puzzle Festival 2023

Can Kastellorizo create its own culture?

This was the goal of the daring venture of the 1st Puzzle Festival in 2021, and it succeeded! It was clearly confirmed with the 2nd Festival and the corresponding festivals of Patras and Athens in 2022, and now it returns, established and certain, to prove that it is now an institution.

The driving force of the festival is the founder of the Megisti Puzzle Museum, Pantazis Houlis and Eleni Grammatikopoulou, known for her long experience in the field of Science communication. They are surrounded by renowned academics, researchers, scientists, educators and people of art who share their dream and enthusiastically participate in all events.

Focusing on the theme of Puzzles but also with parallel scientific activities and experiential events, they will highlight science and modern technology – beyond unconventional educational standards – as an exciting experience! 

The 3rd Kastellorizo Puzzle Festival holds many surprises for everyone.
For the program and the excellent participations we will come back immediately.
Welcome back (!) the Kastellorizo Puzzle Festival, with the now established message, which will henceforth broadcast: We are not just repeating events of the past, but we are writing history by exporting traditional, innovative, creative culture

➢ from Kastellorizo to Kastellorizo,
➢ from Kastellorizo to the rest of Greece,
➢ and from Greece all over the world!

Ostomachion, the new logo of the Festival:
For 2023, the new logo of the 3rd Kastellorizo Puzzle Festival refers to the oldest recorded puzzle in the history of mankind, the Ostomachion of Archimedes. The etymology of the word is interpreted by the expression “Battle of the Bones”, because it was made of ivory. By rescuing the famous palimpsest containing further information, it turned out that this puzzle was a combinatorial problem, something that surprised the scientific community.
The purpose of the puzzle is to rearrange its 14 pieces into a square frame. In 2003 it was found that there were 536 ways. But after further research in Kastellorizo, new data based on ancient texts prove that three of the incisions could be unfounded, and that there are almost ten times as many ways. 


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