Short Programme


The most important event of this year’s festival will be the participation of the academic prof. Mr. Stamatios Krimigis. A great scientific and internationally recognized personality with the great work he has offered in the field of Space (NASA).

Along with the puzzles and the Graph competition, the Festival will cover other fields such as: Sciences | AI |  Digital Transformation |Robotics | STEM Education |Health | Environment | Art | Culture | Local tours/presentations.

More specifically: Puzzlers from the island and Athens will present their puzzles in order to cultivate the skills of young and adults.

Parallel Activities / Science Games:

  • Manolis Angelakis, Research Director at the Hellenic Pasteur Institute and his colleagues will present the interactive game “The structure of DNA and how the alphabet of life is read, what cells look like and how they deal with their enemies. So by playing we will find the little scientist who hides inside us…”
  • The President of the National Hellenic Research Foundation, Prof. Dimosthenis Sarigiannis, will speak simply and comprehensibly about the Environment and Health.
  • H.F.R.I.  participates with the programs of the following organizations that it supports in the framework of the 3rd Call of the Action “Science and Society” entitled “Research, Innovation and Dissemination Nodes:
    a) Department of Chemistry, Laboratory of Environmental Chemical Processes, University of Crete – Experiments and games for understanding climate change
    b) Institute of Astrophysics (Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas) – star-sun observation
  • The Laboratory of Medical Physics & Digital Innovation, Department of Medicine, School of Health Sciences, University of Thessaloniki will present two separate events that highlight the application of Escape Rooms in healthcare curricula, bringing innovation to multi-professional education.
  • Prof. Chrysanthi Skoumpourdi/ University of the Aegean/ Laboratory of Learning Technology and Didactic Engineering, will present to young students the pioneering action: “How to measure length” through illustrated scenarios, learning activities and educational games.
  • University of Crete Professor Michael Lambrou  will give one to three lectures on entertaining mathematics
  • University of Munich physics researcher Dr. Markos Skoulatos will present the Antikythera Mechanism: the wonderful world of gears and how ancient technology leads us to modern creative games.
  •  My Trip to Antarctica/In Search of Meteorites: A Lifetime Experience by Prof. of Agricultural University Dr. Ioannis Baziotis. Characteristic presentation, scientific games, meteorite samples.
  • The Greek MENSA/Despina Korentini, educator STEAM PROJECTS: The next generation of problem solvers: Human Nature and Environmental Technology.”
  • The legendary stargazing/sungazing by astronomer Dimitris Tsimpidas of the National Observatory of Athens, researchers from the Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas and the Astronomical Union of Sparta “Dioskouri” at the airport and other outdoor areas.
  • The Association of Greek Physicists supports the Science is Fun project. It is a non-profit scientific association founded in 1930. It represents the scientists of Physics throughout the Greek territory. Its fundamental objective is the development and support of all branches of Physics for the benefit of the scientific community and the wider society. On an annual basis, it coordinates a number of educational activities aiming at the wider dissemination of knowledge.
  • Science is Fun, physics/chemistry experiments by Dimitris Koniditsiotis who impresses young and old with his imaginative presentations. With the support of the Union of Greek Physicists
  • Events by Pantazis Houlis, founder of the Puzzle Museum:
  • Guided tour of the Puzzle Museum.
  • Hiking in the paths of the island. He has created a unique map.
  • 7th Megistian Aenigma Agon.
  • two lectures with puzzles and bonus a spherical lecture with 300 slides about Kastellorizo (history, monuments, fauna, flora, etc.).
  • Michail Toulouzas (award-winning puzzle maker, Member of the International Puzzle Party) will present unique samples of his wooden puzzles.
  • Panagiotis Kalantzis, puzzle maker, will participate in the puzzle exhibition: with the puzzles SIDIKA 64 and 10.
  • George Pettas, carpenter/cabinetmaker from Corinth will present unique wooden constructions inspired by Platonic, Archimedean and Catalan solids.
  • Stand up Science kids and other events by the subversive team Science Reactors
  • STEM and robotics by teachers of the Rodion Paideia School.
  • Screening of George Tzedakis’ award-winning documentary “THOSE WHO DARED / Operation ANGLO” from the series “A drop of Rhodian History” which refers to the heroes George Kyrmichalis from Soroni and Nikolaos Savvas from Kastellorizo as heroic as that of the Lady of Ro.
  • Two original educational activities linking music and mathematics by teacher Christina-Anthi Charisidou, who taught at the island’s school.
  • Presentation of traditional dances by the dance group “Apantachou” consisting of students and adults of the island Moderated by Prof.  music education Christina-Anthi Charisidou.
  • Finally, the presence of the 1st Mobile Laboratory of Information, Education and Technology “ODYSSEAS” by “Chamogelo tou Paidiou “ with its specialized educational staff will be another special offer of knowledge to all participants of all ages. They will present “CONVEY: Not a Game”, an electronic puzzle game about harassment, at A space of modern technology that will host other activities of the Festival.
  • The radio station Melodia fm of Rhodes will cover the 3-day festival with continuous broadcasts, interviews, presentations and comments, constituting an open channel of communication between the island and the rest of the island region of SE Aegean
  • There will be a music ensemble at the closing ceremony of the festival.


  • The Puzzle Museum
  • The Municipality cultural venue
  • The Santrapeia School
  • The mobile unit ODYSSEAS/The Smile of the Child (at the port)
  • Various outdoor areas/tours, etc.
  • There will be a guided tour of the island and a visit to the blue cave

Festival period

The 3 days 20-22/10/23.  The reasons are that:

  • during this time there will be no other activity on the island and
  • School will have started and all the children will be on the island. Students from the “Rodion Paideia” Schools, the High School of Symi & Halki. will also participate.
  • At 19 and 20/10 in the morning, researchers will present selected educational programs to the students of the Santrapeia School.