The aftermath of a crazy science festival  

The success of the 2nd Kastellorizo Puzzle Festival, which was organized for the second year, from 22 to 25 September, exceeded all expectations.

The unique Kastellorizo Puzzle Festival / Science Games, aroused the interest of the students of the island, students from Rhodes but also the teachers and visitors of the island.

During the days of the Festival, Kastellorizo experienced a real celebration of science.

What we saw at the Puzzle Festival:

Puzzles, experiential workshops, scientific activities, mathematical tricks, Stand up Science for children and not only, exhibitions of tactile puzzles, film / music workshops, puzzle competitions and educational programs that combined Art and Science.

Also, guided tours of the Puzzle Museum, hiking, stargazing, sun observation, ghosts that… ran around, fairy tales, dancing, and an excellent concert with Suzana and Eleni Vougioukli

A great contribution to the island was the initiative of the organizing committee of the Puzzle Festival for the installation of an automatic external defibrillator and the series of rescue and first aid courses, with the certification of residents of the island, in the framework of the Kids Save Lives program, with the support of Vioryl.

Some exceptional companions of the organizing committee were the more than 70 academics, researchers, scientists, educators and artists who worked and presented actions specifically adapted to the spirit of the Puzzles and the understanding of knowledge through games.

The organization was carried out by EN.I.G.MA (Union of Ideas, Puzzles, Mathematics), where the most important element of its action is the Megisti Puzzle Museum, in collaboration with the Region of the South Aegean and the Municipality of Megisti. 

 Valuable helpers were the Ministries of Development / General Secretariat for Research & Innovation, National Defense, Culture & Sports, Shipping & Island Policy, which placed the Festival under their auspices, while the General Secretariat for Research and Innovation and the Ministry of National Defense supported it financially.

We must also express our heartfelt thanks to the private sponsors who supported this great voluntary effort, showing love and trust. We must also express our heartfelt thanks to the private sponsors who supported this great voluntary effort, showing love and trust.

Similar support was provided by the large number of media/sponsors with a series of announcements, interviews and screenings.

And because a fair wind is blowing from Kastellorizo, the Puzzle Festival disembarks in Patras (21-23/10) and then in Athens (16-18/12).

And at the same time, preparations for the 3rd Puzzle Festival begin.