Association of Greek Physicists

The Association  of Greek Physicists is a non-profit scientific association founded in 1930. It represents the scientists of Physics throughout the Greek territory. Its fundamental objective is the development and support of all branches of Physics for the benefit of the scientific community and the wider society.

On an annual basis, it coordinates a number of educational activities aiming at the wider dissemination of knowledge and developments in the field of Natural Sciences. More specifically, it organizes educational conferences that provide information on the modern developments and achievements of the scientific community as well as training seminars aimed at training teachers and all interested parties. In addition, it is responsible for conducting student competitions, events and summer schools aimed at contacting the student community with advanced scientific concepts and integrating it into scientific research.


  • Contribution to the development of scientific research and the teaching of Natural Sciences both in Greece and abroad.
  • Representation and support of Greek Physics professionals both in Greece and abroad.
  • Care for the education and training of professionals of Physics Sciences and the development of a relevant code of conduct.
  • Establishment of the association as an institutional advisory body towards the State on any matter related to Physics Sciences and technology.
  • Contribution to the familiarity of the general public around issues of Physics Sciences.
  • Facilitate contact and interaction between individuals, institutions and organisations of interest in physics.
  • Cooperation with the business world to promote the use of Communications and Science Technology.


The Union of Greek Physicists participates in the festival with the original and interactive program of teaching Physics Sciences through Science is Fun. This is achieved with impressive experiments and their importance in our daily lives will be highlighted. 

Indicative experiments that will be presented are:

  • One… Genie in the bottle…, impressive oxygen preparation
  • Fill a bottle with… “The life-giving gas”.
  • «… And there was Light” – Brilliant burning of magnesium.
  • Alcohol rocket.
  • The roaring gas… Hydrogen bubble combustion, Hydrogen foam, “Croothing gas”