Christos Kalountzoglou

The fairytale of puzzles

A strange fairy tale with puzzles. The narration of the story, will be in the form of a theatrical event. There will be collaboration and interaction with young audiences.

His source of inspiration was last year’s Kastellorizo Puzzle Festival. Thanks to this he began to study puzzles, for which his two cats – Paraskevas and Kyriakos – gave him answers.

The puzzles of his life are solved by his two fairies – Xenia and Irene.

At last year’s Puzzle Festival he enchanted his little friends with his special narrative ability and they wandered together in the fairytale land of pirates…

It is mainly aimed at children aged 7-117 years.

Maximum number of participants: 10 children (who can take part in the action). There is no restriction on the participation of older children or adults.

Presentation duration is about 45 minutes.

Journalist in terms of profession. A culturologist and cultural tourism specialist as written in his degrees.

Christos Kalountzoglou was born 560 years ago in the most beautiful and well known port of the Greek archipelago, the so called Trano Limani.

From a young age he aimed to meet the famous explorer, named Sofronios Skourdouboutis. Luckily for him, growing up he met a muse, a fairy and a princess, who taught him to collect and save moments.

Later he met the pirate Mani Mani, who took him with him to the fairyland. There he was trained in difficult missions, such as freeing dreams from dream traps. In one of these missions he located the rarest animal of the archipelago - the turtle dove. Since then she accompanies him and helps him find the way, when he gets lost in the big village. He is only 560 years old and has time ahead of him for many trips with pirates and princesses.