Science Reactors

Science Reactors will meet their Kastellorizo friends to speak about science during the Puzzle Festival.

During the Kastellorizo Puzzle Festival Science Reactors, will perform stand-up science for kids in their own unique way with the aim to prove that: 

  • There is fun in learning
  • Knowledge can be attractive and appealing to children
  • Children can enjoy curiosity-driven science and get inspired 
  • Scientific concepts be easily captured by children while having fun

Hara Afaloniati, Konstantinos Antonaropoulos, Michalis Sarris and Tsimpidas Dimitrios are ready to share their knowledge on interesting scientific topics in layman words and humor. Their mission is to engage Kastellorizo young and not so young audience, in science.

Α.  Θέματα που θα παρουσιαστούν από τους Science Reactors;

Hara Afaloniati

Acquaintance with our little friends, bacteria, that inhabit our body

Are we just what we see? When we are alone, are we really alone? Scientists have found that a jungle of small creatures, the bacteria, have made houses and live in our body! Are they indeed our friends or our enemies? Are they capable of controlling us? Can they influence our emotions and health? And if this is the reality and not a science fiction movie, is iti possible to bring the best of these  little friends, closer to us?

Konstantinos Antonaropoulos

Voice… the most perfect instrument!

Thousands of years now there is one tool that allows us to communicate discourse and ideas. It is none other than the human voice. Have you ever wondered how it works, why can we talk and what happens to our body when we make a sound? If you too have these questions, come and discover together the fascinating world of voice and in the end watch a demonstration of what it can do. We are waiting for you. 

Michalis Sarris

 How to see the world in a more correct way

  • How did a mathematician save the lives of pilots in World War II?
  • Should I leave school and become the next Mark Zuckerberg?
  • And finally , mom, does it matter how my classmate reads at school?

Tsimpidas Dimitrios, Astronomer – Space Physicisτ

D. James Webb Space Telescope. Humanity’s new eyes on space!

Let’s find out about James Webb, the largest space telescope ever built. How will it change what we know about the universe by observing it a few hundred million years after the Big Bang?

The presentation will be part of the action: Stand up Science kids/Science Reactors

Β. Interactive game “You ask and I answer”….

The Science Reactors together with scientist-friends who participate in the festival will open and coordinate a “smart” and original dialogue, an interactive game entitled You ask me and I answer….

Do you have questions about science issues that you encounter in your daily life or about issues that you do not understand and concern you????????  do not hesitate, write your question on the piece of paper that they will give you during the game and will quickly answer your question !!

Eleni Grammatikopoulou is a science communication enthusiast. For more than 25 years she has been involved in different activities, scientific festivals and events aiming to the public understanding of science and combating “scientific illiteracy”.

Always intrigued by non-conventional methods for the dissemination of science, Eleni created the “Science Reactors” group in 2014.

A team of talented young scientist which proved, through their innovative performances i.e Stand up Science, Science on stage that science can be combined with improvisation and comedy.

At the Athens Science Festival 2018, she was awarded the Science Communication Award - ΕΠΙ2 2018 , established by SciCo.

Hara Afaloniati, is a veterinarian but not in the way you may think!

She is passionate about both science and communicating it in a simple and funny way.

She is currently a PhD student in molecular biology, at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki where sfhe lives), dreaming a cancer-free future. When she is not doing PCRs, you will find hertrekking, caving or lindy-hopping.

Sometimes you may find me dressed in red to save human lives or in white to fight with hawks, wolves and other wild animals! Her motto, smile guys, it's contagious and it's free!

As the winner of this year's Famelab competition (international competition for the promotion of young scientists with a talent for science communication) she represented Greece in the corresponding international, with special success.

Konstantinos Antonaropoulos was born in Athens.

He learned to speak English, French and Spanish because he likes cultures and different people.

He studied philosophy and rhetoric to put his speech and thoughts in order. And after doing all this, he got involved in singing and stand up comedy, giving performances.

A man of life and very sociable, he likes board games, tennis, traveling and making others laugh. His friends say that he is characterized by his good energy and positive aura. Meet him and you will remember me... (He often collaborates with Science Reactors).

My name is Michalis Sarris and since I love making sense of things that don't, I study medicine.

With beloved characters Gregory House (House MD), Chandler Bing (Friends), and a recent addition Frank Underwood (House of Cards) I developed a great love for science, an even bigger god complex, and a type of humor you love and hate at the same time. Occasionally, I flirt with the natural sciences and I love chess and scary games. More on the scene.

Tsimpidas Dimitrios, Astronomer – Space Physicist Obtained his BSc degree in Physics from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

He also holds a MSc degree in Astronomy and Space Physics, awarded by the University of Uppsala in Sweden. His MSc thesis was focused on the behavior of the Saturnian Magnetosphere under different Solar Wind conditions. He has also studied drama at the Piraeus drama school.

His main research interests are the physics of the planetary magnetospheres and the origin of the planetary systems. Actively enrolled into various aspects of science communication, public engagement and outreach activities.

 A few words about Science Reactors

Science on stage. Science in a different way!

  • Do scientists have a sense of humor?
  • Can we present simple scientific topics with a smile? 
  • How do we “bring” science near us? 

The team of Science Reactors responds in its own way from the stage!

The creator of the team is Eleni Grammatikopoulou, 30 years of life dedicated with passion to the Communication of Science. From the “SCIENCE SOCIETY” program of the National Hellenic Research Foundation to today’s scientific festivals and major events
In 2014 she wanted to bring out a new completely unconventional face of science by creating the subversive team of Science Reactors. Young charismatic scientists from all disciplines, through performances of Stand up Science(in the footsteps of Standup comedy) and Science on stage (scientific theater), will present science… in a different way! 
Endowed with a talent in Science Communication but mainly with a passion for science itself, Science Reactors take the stage, turning difficult scientific subjects into understandable everyday stories. And most importantly, with stories full of humor!   
Since then, the team participates in all scientific festivals, TedX, Researchers’ Nights, gives its own performances in theaters, etc. attracting enthusiastic comments and many fanatic friends. In 2017, ERT promoted their work as part of the “Close up” series, its official participation in the 20th Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival.
The group is constantly refreshed with new faces, new texts and new activities. They have collaborated with other groups from the field of art (graffiti, music, dance, etc.) proving that humor can be aptly combined with both Art and Science. Throughout all these actions, Science Reactors have grown an amazing funatic audience while receiving positive feedback and lots of love.

Their participation at the 1st Kastellorizo Puzzle Festival and at the European Week for Waste Reduction 2021 (where a great number of events from all over Europe were presented)  was decisive and impressive, as well For their last organization under the title Re-Think (re-use, re-duce, re-cycle) they were selected -from all the European participants- among  the 3 finalists at the Category Citizens.

Recently Science Reactors  entered the digital era by participating online in major scientific events. In the context of the collaboration with ATRAKTOS, it adapted, for the first time, scientific texts specifically made for children Stand up Science Kids, thus making knowledge more attractive and accessible.

Oι Science Reactors στην ATRAKTO:

A similar team exists in Thessaloniki.

Kostas Vrettos is the director of the team.