Activities – Events

Actions that will take place at the2nd Puzzle Festival 22-25/9/2022

Hellenic Pasteur Institute
Presentations on biology (viruses, microbes, dna, etc.), puzzles and animals, the protection of public health through experiments and theatrical events: “The day of a cell” – We bring the biomicrocosm to our appropriate… measures! Solving a crime..) by 5 talented researchers of the HFC.

Foundation for Research & Technology – Institute of Informatics
The well-known for the communication of science researcher of FORTH Dr. Dimitris Grammenos and his collaborators through fast-paced workshops, original interactive presentations and scientific games will offer an experiential and playful introduction to Creative Thinking and Ingenuity.

Research Center “ATHENA”
Vassilis Katsouros, Director of ILSP/RC “Athena” (and Vice President of “Athena”) and researcher Maximos Kaliakatsos-Papakostas will present a series of actions and applications under the thematic Science and Music: We learn by solving the riddle of a mysterious connection, We play the frequencies with our fingers. How can the computer understand what I am playing on my guitar. etc.

National Observatory of Athens
The researcher Dimitris Tsimpidas will reveal the secrets of the constellations and their mythology, he will throw water rockets with us and he will give us an exciting “Sky/ Astro observation” together with the team of Dr. Kosmas Gazeas.

NCSR “Demokritos” (IIT)
a) Direct connection to CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) the largest research centre in the world with the assistance of Researcher of Democritus who will be there as part of the ATLAS project.
b) presentation of the European program Values travel?’ by IIT representative D. Katsamouri

Planets In Your Hand
Exhibition and a series of actions / games by the astrophysicist Kosmas Gazeas (Department of Astrophysics NKUA) and two of his students. We will wander through the universe and the interesting interactive exhibition. At the same time, they will guide us” to the celestial dome through “Sun observation” and “Astro-observation” with the use of a laser and a telescope.

University of the Aegean
Department TEPAES and Laboratory of Learning Technology and Didactic Engineering – Represented by Professor Chrysanthi Skoumpourdi & female students will organise events related to “Learning Shapes through Games”.

Science is fun
Physics and chemistry experiments by the well-known for his special way of presenting experiments, Dimitris Koniditsiotis. Creator of “Science is fun”. With the support of the Union of Greek Physicists

University of Crete – Michael Lambrou
University of Crete Professor Michael Lambrou will show how to approach mathematics through entertaining narratives.

8th International Summer University “Greek Language, Culture and Media” held in July 2022 in Kastellorizo. Presentation of the findings of the conference by N. Tsitsanoudi – Mallidi, Professor at the University of Ioannina.

Michail Toulouzas
Award-winning puzzle maker (Member of the International Puzzle Party) will present an impressive exhibition with samples of his unique puzzles.

Bob Hearn – Puzzle Collector and Designer
The internationally renowned American puzzle designer will take part in the exhibition with the presentation of “Puzzle Images”.

Cinemathesis (Creator Gianna Deligianni) – “…And… Action! “
CINEMATHESIS is a cultural institution that specializes in the implementation of educational film workshops exclusively for children and adolescents. Each film workshop is absolutely experiential with the core of learning the seventh art and axis of the game, with emphasis on a holistic approach of Good Arts)

Robotics-STEM courses from Rodion Paideia Education Schools
Professor M. Hatzimichalis will introduce us to various STEM actions: Marine Educational Robotics – RoboPisces.

Treasure Hunt by “Crew 94”
A group of 21 participants from Patras with experience in organizing navigation games. The nature of the puzzles can also be adapted (simple, complex, scientific, thematic, etc.). It will, therefore, be a series of “Hidden Treasures” perfectly identified with the needs, desires and themes of the program and the island.

Stand up Science kids  
a) from the team of talented young scientists Science Reactors. Presentation of contemporary scientific issues that touch our daily lives in a simple, humorous and understandable way
b) Ask me and I will answer you – Interactive game of questions and answers

Theatricalized fairytale with puzzles
by the writer / journalist Christos Kalountzoglou

Kids Save Lives
Installation of an external defibrillator and a series of rescue and first aid training courses by this wonderful volunteer team.

Naturalist movement of VRILISSOS
Diamantis Papadopoulos, president of the naturalist movement VRILISSOS, in an experiential tour of the magical world of orientation in the environment with the traditional means of orientation that have never been overcome. Together with Pantazis Houlis, they will lead their young and old companions to the morning guided tours of the island’s paths.

Events by Pantazis Houlis, founder of the Puzzle Museum

  • Guided tour of the Puzzle Museum.
  • Presentation of puzzles through simple speeches
  • Guided tour of the mountain where he has carved and continues to carve new paths
  • Start of the 6th Megistian Aenigma Agon (Puzzle Competition)

Organization of a concert
by the unique sisters Suzana and Eleni Vougioukli, at the end of the festival.


  • The Museum
  • The Municipality Hall
  • In various outdoor areas / tours / treasure hunt, etc.
  • In the main square

Festival Dates

The 4-day period from 22 to 25 September inclusive. The reasons are that:

  • during this period there will be no other activity on the island and
  • the school will have started and all the children will be on the island. Teachers and students from the “RODION PAIDEIA” Schools, as well as students from other schools of neighboring islands will participate.
  • The official opening of the festival will take place on 23/9.

On 22 and 23/9, original educational programs will take place at school and during school hours, approved by the Ministry of Education:

  • Cinemathesis: “…And… Action! “
  • (TEPAES) University of the Aegean: Learning by playing
  • NCSR “Demokritos” (IIT): Do values travel? /EU project VAST

Organising Bodies

  • The whole organization is carried out by the Megisti Puzzle Museum which is the main action of EN.I.G.MA (Union of Ideas, Puzzles, Mathematics), with the support of the Municipality of Megisti and the Region of South Aegean.
  • It is under the auspices of the General Secretariat for Research and Innovation of the Ministry of Development and Investments and the Ministry of Culture and Sports, National Defence, Shipping and Island Policy.