Private School “RODION PAIDEIA” – Stem

Rodion Pedia has become increasingly involved in the field of robotics and specifically the teaching of pupils to create and develop in our robotics workshop, which has been running for the past six years. The workshop allows youngsters to develop their interest in robotics by giving them the opportunity to acquire the relevant skills and knowledge required in order to become excellent robotics ‘engineers’.

The Robotics workshop at Rodion Pedia has a wealth of experience in teaching robotics and has had multiple participations in the World Robot Olympiad.

The workshop was set up and is run by Mr Marios Chatzimichalis, who is the Computer Science teacher at the school, directly involved in the education of pupils from primary through to high school. He is responsible for the preparation of final year pupils at both the main school and on the tutor programme for Panhellenic Examinations in the subject of Computer Science and Information Technology, enabling the pupils in his charge to successfully achieve their goals. He has also been the director of the Junior High School since 2021.

Mr Chatzimichalis has a degree in Computer Science and Information Technology and is also a Microsoft Certified Professional for Windows 2000 Server. He has industry experience as a computer engineer at Pc Systems A.E. and he was responsible for the development and maintenance of the internal network of a large department store on Rhodes. In 2010 he set up his own IT school -Pc Learn- which taught Computer Science and Information Technology to learners of all ages. In 2004 he was a cyber-security engineer for the Athens Olympic Games as an external associate (SAIC) in cooperation with Pc Systems.

He has participated in a variety of professional development seminars including a two-day workshop organized by Microsoft in London in 2015 with the title “Design, Deploy and Transform”.


We are convinced that hope for a brighter future results primarily from the redefinition of the role which education plays.
To achieve this, RODION PAIDEIA offers its pupils high-level tuition, ranging from Pre-K to Secondary School.
The school has established itself as a nation-wide forerunner in education, both for the academic distinctions its pupils achieve and for its successful participation in various aspects of society. Its aim is to support the learning processes of its pupils from infancy to adolescence, within a safe and friendly environment which fosters both acceptance and care.
It also aims to cultivate responsible, moral and active individuals who are able to utilize enhanced critical thinking. Individuals equipped with a coherent knowledge base who have developed the necessary skills and attitudes which properly prepare them to live in the national and international environments of the future.
RODION PAIDEIA has a clear orientation and absolute focus on learning. Learning is not limited to building fundamental knowledge and developing basic skills, but extends to activities associated with daily experiences outside school. Its ultimate aim is to develop the ability of its pupils to apply the knowledge they have acquired in order to formulate, interpret and solve problems which are encountered in everyday life and to effectively communicate their ideas.