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Association of Greek Physicists

The Association  of Greek Physicists is a non-profit scientific association founded in 1930. It represents the scientists of Physics throughout the Greek territory. Its fundamental objective is the development and support of all branches of Physics for the benefit of the scientific community and the wider society. On an annual basis, it coordinates a number of educational activities aiming at the wider dissemination of knowledge and developments in the…

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Science is fun – Dimitris Koniditsiotis

The properties of metals and their daily use One of the most important categories of material bodies around us are the metals. They were mainly used in industry, strengthening the economic as well as military power of the people. Their splendour, however, also touched the artistic sensitivity of man (coins, jewellery, statues, etc.). Their creation and use, therefore, is positive, but some results are negative….

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Science Reactors

Science Reactors will meet their Kastellorizo friends to speak about science during the Puzzle Festival. During the Kastellorizo Puzzle Festival Science Reactors, will perform stand-up science for kids in their own unique way with the aim to prove that:  There is fun in learning Knowledge can be attractive and appealing to children Children can enjoy curiosity-driven science and get inspired  Scientific concepts be easily captured by children while…

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