Puzzle Museum / Events

Here the visitor can learn the history and types of puzzles, but may also play with puzzles that are matching, sequential, folding, interlocking, opening, take-apart, etc. The Puzzle Museum points out that Greece has the greatest influence on puzzles worldwide, due to the oldest enigma of the Sphinx, the oldest mechanical puzzle that is Archimedes’ Ostomachion, and the continuous use of ancient names such as…

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With compass and map per hand

Vrilissos Vrilissos was founded in January 2000 in Athens in the municipality of Vrilissia by a group of people with an innate love for nature and outdoor activities. From the first years of its activity, Vrilissos has been established as a citizens’ movement and acts as a large group of friends. The group’s activities, which have had a great impact over the years, are mainly…

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