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Puzzle Museum / Events

Here the visitor can learn the history and types of puzzles, but may also play with puzzles that are matching, sequential, folding, interlocking, opening, take-apart, etc. The Puzzle Museum points out that Greece has the greatest influence on puzzles worldwide, due to the oldest enigma of the Sphinx, the oldest mechanical puzzle that is Archimedes’ Ostomachion, and the continuous use of ancient names such as…

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Bob Hearn – Puzzle Collector and Designer

Bob Hearn has collected puzzles for over 40 years. He has also designed several, including “Athena” (originally Subway Shuffle), and has produced puzzle challenge sets for several ThinkFun puzzles. Bob has a Ph.D. from MIT; his book “Games, Puzzles, and Computation” (with Erik Demaine) is based on his thesis. He currently serves a program chair and board member for the Gathering 4 Gardner Foundation, a…

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Michael Toulouzas

Puzzle Exhibition: Exhibition from a simple puzzle to a complex one. Some International Award-winning designs in the area of puzzles. Why do we like to play? I address to  all ages, but if I had to mention about the specific presentation then ages from 14 to 156 I think it is better understood. Those older than 156 may simply need a repeat. Better communication with…

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