Activities – Events

The events included in the three-day festival are briefly mentioned
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Hellenic Pasteur Institute

  • Small Researchers in the “Experimenterium” and
  • EXPERIMENTing with … drama!”!

These events are inspired by the scientific/research subject of the Centre.

Hellenic Centre for Marine Research

  • Demonstrations and discussions with students on issues related to water quality and the aquatic ecosystem
  • Interaction with students and acquaintance with the Poseidon system (weather forecast, sea wave) and the new detector “GeoMAREA” that measures underwater radioactivity on the spot
  • Puzzle games with a theme based on the sea and marine ecosystems
  • Discussion with students and interactive educational approach to understanding the effects of climate change (CLIMPACT Programme.)

All events are related to the marine environment, pollution, weather forecasting. Participants will get to know the Centre’s modern and interesting scientific programs and play puzzle games on the sea and marine ecosystems

Planets In Your Hand

  • Presentation of an interactive exhibition on our solar system by the astrophysicist Dr. Kosmas Gazeas and his colleagues Konstantina Vrontaki and Maria Panagopoulou.
  • Astronomically themed quizzes and fascinating narratives about our planetary neighborhood.
  • Observation of the night sky through a telescope and navigation of the visible constellations.

Eugenides Foundation / Center for Science and Technology

  • ‘Mathemagic” Interactive performance with mathematical tricks (duration 90′, for children 10+ and for adults, total participants: unlimited).
  • Chemistry Laboratory (1 or 2 sessions, duration 90′, is aimed at children 6-13 years old, total participants: 12 children per session).

Science is fun

  • A series of impressive experiments from the field of natural sciences  by Dimitris Koniditsiotis, creator of this program. This event is supported by the Association of Greek Physicists.

Stem Education

  • Robotics / stem courses from Exploratory Learning which in recent years has won awards in international robotics competitions

“Crew 94” 

  • Navigation Games / Treasure Hunt – a series of alternative events “Hidden Treasures” (for all ages) identified with the needs, desires and themes of the program.
  • The nature of puzzles (simple, complex, scientific, thematic, etc.) will also be adapted to the programme.

Science Reactors

  • A team of talented young scientists presents the humorous Stand up Science kids with modern scientific topics (robotics, information technology, health, etc.) that touch our daily lives.

Puzzle Museum/ Events by Pantazis Houlis, founder of the Puzzle Museum:

  • Tour of the Puzzle Museum.
  • Presentation of the puzzles through simple speeches (“Trojan Puzzle”, “Archimedes Ostomachion”), bonus a global lecture with 300 slides for Kastellorizo (history, monuments, fauna, flora, etc.). 
  • Mountain tours through unique paths to get to know the history and nature of the island.

Fotini Baxevani – actor and Christos Stanisis, Shadow Theatre artist.

  • Two 3-hour Music -Theatrical Play Workshops by actress Fotini Baxevani
  • Theatrical Lab Workshop of writing and Karagiozis by Christos Stanisis.
  • Karagiozis performance: “Karagiozis and the riddle of ’21 in Kastellorizo”. A performance written specifically for Kastellorizo and the Puzzle Museum, where Karagiozis meets Lambros Katsonis, the Lady of Ro and more!

Michelle Kiosoglous and Christos Kalountzoglou – authors of children’s stories.

  • Storytelling by the writers themselves. They will talk about their fairy tales related to the customs and traditions of Kastellorizo and with everyday simple scientific issues.

Michelle Kiosoglous will present her book “Kleio and Despina” with the customs, and tradition of Kastellorizo.
Christos Kalountzoglou and the pirate Mani Mani in Kastelorizo island will present the fairy tale “The wet plank”

Michael Lambrou – Professor, University of Crete

Two interesting speeches / discussions on:

  • Mathematical Magic Tricks (for Elementary School students)
  • Mathematical puzzles and evidence of the impossibility of some situations. (for high school students)

Michael Toulouzas – puzzle maker

  • Exhibition of original puzzles. Some of these have been awarded abroad 
  • Presentation and open dialogue with children of age… 14-155 years old for “puzzling” brainteasers.


Musical ensembles with traditional island music of the region at the close of the festival by Melody 103.7 Rhodes.