Michael Toulouzas

Puzzle exhibition:
This is an extremely interesting exhibition with its own puzzles, ranging from a simple to a more complex design.
Some of them have won awards in the world of puzzles but not for production, as they are unique constructions. 

Presentation of puzzles:
He will show what a good brain teaser means in an almost interactive way. In general, he wants to communicate with people through questions and answers as he systematically avoids monologues.

The ages addressed are 14-155 years old and he promises that his audience will play until they… fall from severe headache!!

His beloved motto: Puzzling makes a better world
by Mike Toulouzas

The award photo is by the photographer Ioanna Kontou.

I was born in Athens in 1968 and grew up in Palaio Faliro and I have origins from Kastellorizo.

Since I was a child I was fascinated by the shapes just like all children, but I was personally more interested in them for many many years. At some point, now with a big family, I found myself in a shop with wooden puzzles and brainteasers, and I was very impressed, because I had never seen anything like them before. Finally, while I went to buy something for my children, I also bought something for me too. Since then there has been a Theodoric and very important change in my life. I began to search how to manufacture such multi-faceted puzzles and brainteasers, and slowly but steadily, I managed to make some drawings of a well known designer of similar puzzles, Stewart Coffin.

His books inspired me and I started experimenting with my own designs. Now, every year I take part in puzzle design competitions internationally and recently for the last three years in Greece, and more specifically in Kastellorizo. The whole construction of the wooden puzzle, however, requires love and passion.

I believe that puzzles have the beautiful ability to pause for a while the time of this world, where everything runs too fast due to technology.

This makes our world a better place. The search, the awakening, the love in every moment we live when we pay attention to it!