“Crew 94”

The “Crew 94” at the “Puzzle Festival”

At the “Puzzle Festival” of Kastellorizo, the specialized team of “94” will organize navigation games throughout the three days, alternative actions that will be addressed to a wide audience (students of all levels, islanders, visitors, small or large groups, etc.).

The games will be spread acrossthe Festival (inside buildings, at school, at the Museum, at the port, all over the island). The nature of the puzzles will followhe logic of the Festival (simple, complex, scientific, thematic, etc.) and relevant to the respective audience.

In short, the participants will live the experience of multiple “Hidden Treasure Hunt Games”, which will be adapted to the public, to the needs and themes of the program.

More activities… on the island, from 24 to 26 September 2021.

See you there and good luck !!!

“Crew 94”
Group 94” has deep carnival roots. The group has participated in the multi-phased “Treasure Hunt” navigation game, an important part of Patras Carnival, since 1988 each year unfailingly, resulting in multiple successes and distinctions. Throughout the years, close to 3000 members have been part of the group, which also holds the distinction of being the first carnival group to organize the “Treasure Hunt” game (2011), as well as being the first group to be established as an official Non-Profit Corporation (2007).

From the beginning, the action of NPC “Group 94” had cultural purposes beyond the Carnival spectrum , aiming to broaden the time limits of the Patras Carnival and acquaint it beyond the geographical borders of Patras and Achaia. Events are organized throughout the year, while trips outside Achaia were more frequent. In February 2013 the “Group 94” traveled for the first time outside Greece, at the Carnival of Saviano in Italy.Multiple carnival participation trips followed in Italy, San Marino, Serbia and Montenegro.

The three main pillars of the activity of “Group94” are the Navigation Games, “the Carnival Trips” and the Tribute Events. At the same time by itself or by  collaborating with other organizations, “Group 94” participated in other types of activities, such as conferences, workshops, film shootings, song productions, cultural productions, festivals and other events.

‘Navigation Games”are educational and recreational games of historical, geographical and cultural value They focus on small groups that compete in solving puzzles, finding geographical points or objects, as well as various outdoor activities. Their audience varies: elementary to high school students,scouts,tourists,festival attendants, delegates, etc.

“Carnival trips”” are organised trips to cities of significant carnival interest, aiming to spread the carnival spirit of Patras and getting to know people, places and traditions across the globe. Up to now, twelve trips of that kind have been successfully organized in various destinations inside and outside Greece’s borders.

“Tribute events”are called the tributes presented in Patras (and then elsewhere) for personalities who have passed away, have left their mark on Patras local history and have not been sufficiently honored. To carry out these tributes, the “Group 94” collaborates – always on a voluntary basis – with a number of artists and organizations in the city.

More about “Group 94” and navigation games at: https://www.thebest.gr/article/366410-