Stem Education

My first Automations

My first Automations is designed for elementary students where, through teamwork around the construction of a robotic model that interacts with the  real world in real time, children live an exciting and entertaining experience that they  do not want to end! 

Each construction follows a “code” that is the product of the students’ computational thinking and is realized in the digital environment of MIT Scratch 2.0.

The whole creating process involves children in practical, active, teamwork, helping them to gain knowledge and linguistic skills through asking questions, looking for  patterns, choosing strategies, and drawing conclusions.

STEM Education designs and conducts coordinated educational activities which help children of all ages familiarize with the pioneering approach of STEM and aims for the STEM educational method to be inducted in the national education system.

STEM Education is a non-profit organization and its purpose is:

  • Create a proper environment where children of all age can develop their creativity, innovation and cooperation skills
  • Develop applications of natural science and new technologies, focusing on applying educational robotics.
  • Develop knowledge in Technology and improve performance in school, mainly in practical courses, such as mathematics, physics and computer technology.
  • Encourage an open exchange of ideas and cooperation between the participants in the fields of technology and educational robotics.
  • Include Engineering in natural sciences (STEM).

Mission:Through the creation of appropriate educational conditions for the development of creativity, innovation and team spirit we aim at integrating the STEM educational methodology with compulsory education.

Yannis Somalakidis was born in 1959 in Patras. He studied Physics. He is the president of World Robot Olympiad Hellas, which he founded in 2009 in collaboration with some of the most distinguished Greek academics in the fields of engineering and robotics. He is a representative of World Robot Olympiad for all Balkan countries and Cyprus. He is also the president of STEM Education.

He has contributed to the introduction of STEM and educational robotics in Greek education with the contribution of a team of volunteers, which counts more than 130 teachers and academics from all over the country. More than 3000 students participate each year in educational robotics competitions.