Eugenides Foundation


(Duration 1 hour, recommended for kids aged 10+ and adults, total number of participants: unlimited)

• How can you find the decks of cards that your friends will choose?

• Can you easily and quickly predict the sum of random six-digit numbers that your friends will choose?

• How can you get your whole body through a notebook page?

Join us on a journey into the fascinating world of Mathematics! All these spectacular tricks based on the science of Mathematics that at first seem paradoxical or strange, can be easily explained with mathematical logic and fascinate young and old.

Chemistry for all!

(1 or 2 sessions, duration 60΄, addressed to children 6-13 years old, total number of participants: 12 children per session)

Let’s discover simple and impressive chemical reactions, taking on the role of a scientist!

Put on your robe and lets and experiment safely, performing different chemical reactions! Get introduced to the fascinating science of Chemistry, the science of colors and observations, through colorful solutions and explosions!

Eugenides Foundation: a pillar of technical and scientific education in Greece

The Eugenides Foundation was founded in 1954 by the great national benefactor Eugenios Eugenides, whose sole purpose was to contribute to the education of young Greek citizens in the scientific and technical field. Its establishment took place on February 10, 1956 with Commander-Administrator Eugenios Eugenides’s sister, Marianthi Simou. Thanks to Eugenios Eugenidis and the successors of his work, the Eugenides Foundation from its foundation until today operates, maintains, expands and modernizes solely based on its own resources.

Its activities and resources include: scholarships for postgraduate studies in Greece and abroad, donations and publications for technical, professional and maritime education, up-to-date technical and scientific library, the New Digital Planetarium, one of the largest and best equipped planetariums in the world, the Science and Technology Center, an exemplar space for getting acquainted, engaging and experimenting with science and technology for young and old, the UTech Lab Technology Lab, a creative workshop for young people, focused on modern technology, a High Quality Conference Center, as well as international collaborations, participation in European programs, etc.

The foundation is a unique pillar of technical education in Greece, which continues for years, silently and with emphasis on the real offer, to fulfill its purpose. For this timeless and selfless contribution the Foundation has won numerous awards (Gold Medal of the Academy of Athens, an award from the Academy of Athens for the model operation of the Eugenides Planetarium, Lloyd’s List “Achievement in education and training” – Greek Shipping Awards 2016 and many more).

Stella was born in Athens in 1987. She studied Chemistry at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens, and then obtained her MSc in Computational Chemistry in Texas A&M University. In 2018, she was awarded a PhD in Quantum Mechanics from the University of Sheffield.

Her interests include Cognitive Science; she is currently pursuing an MSc in Cognitive Science at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens. In her free time, she enjoys cooking and travelling. She also consumes a rather large amount of science fiction books and movies.

She is a member of the Science and Technology Centre of the Eugenides Foundation, where she designs and carries out the chemistry and biology demonstrations.

Myrto was born in Athens in 1989 and holds a BSc in Biology awarded by the National Kapodistrian University of Athens. She is currently pursuing an interdisciplinary MSc in Cognitive Science at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens, where she examines the human mind from a neurological, psychological as well as an AI perspective. In her free time, she enjoys travelling, literature and likes to ask questions about Life, the Universe and Everything.

She is a member of the Science and Technology Centre of the Eugenides Foundation.