Eleni Grammatikopoulou is a science communication enthusiast. Up to 2013, she was appointed administrator of the National Research Foundation (NHRF). As head of NHRF’s Educational Events, her responsibilities included the management of the pioneering program “SCIENCE SOCIETY» (1993-2013)aiming to the public understanding of science. She also participated in the design, submission and implementation of relevant European projects

Since June 2013, she is a freelancer involved in similar activities and events .Her aim has always been the dissemination of research to the general public, towards combating “scientific illiteracy”. Always intrigued by non-conventional methods for the dissemination of science, Eleni created the “Science Reactors” group in 2014. Science Reactors is a scientific stand-up comedy group of scientists and researchers that combine stand-up comedy with science communication (Stand up Science and Science on Stage).

In 2018, she was awarded the Science Communication Award – EPI2 2018, which was established by SciCo and premiered at the Athens Science Festival18. Recently, along with Pint of Science Greece, she founded the Non-Profit called “Science Ahead”.

This period Eleni is collaborating with Pantazis Houlis, the  founder and owner of the KastellorizoPuzzle Museum in organizing a large scientific event (on an international scale) in Kastellorizo – the place of his origin- “The Puzzle Festival”  in September (24-26/9). The entire event is carried out by the Kastellorizo Puzzle Museum and EN.I.G.MA (Union of Ideas, Puzzles, and Mathematics). Recently she became a member of EN.I.G.MA Board of Trustees.

She has also worked as production manager for a number of historical and scientific documentaries, as well as short films and TV commercials. Sixty of the NHRF’s  scientiic editions were published under her own supervision.