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Eugenides Foundation

Mathemagic (Duration 1 hour, recommended for kids aged 10+ and adults, total number of participants: unlimited) • How can you find the decks of cards that your friends will choose? • Can you easily and quickly predict the sum of random six-digit numbers that your friends will choose? • How can you get your whole body through a notebook page? Join us on a journey…

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Association of Greek Physicists

The Association  of Greek Physicists is a non-profit scientific association founded in 1930. It represents the scientists of Physics throughout the Greek territory. Its fundamental objective is the development and support of all branches of Physics for the benefit of the scientific community and the wider society. On an annual basis, it coordinates a number of educational activities aiming at the wider dissemination of knowledge and developments in the…

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Science is fun – Dimitris Koniditsiotis

«The Wondrous World of Chemistry through Impressive Burnings and Explosions» The burnings and all kinds of explosions that occur in explosive devices of low power, make a powerful noise which always impresses us, though it can scare us a little. They are usually used in celebrations and festivals and are: barrels, or otherwise crackers, or mini-dynamites, or “bobakia”, or “strakastroukes” as well as any kind…

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